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The SISEP Implementation Specialist Micro-credentialing Program is a micro-credentialing program developed on the basis of the Active Implementation Frameworks and the competencies outlined within the Implementation Support Practitioner Practice Profile (ISP Profile) developed by NIRN and its collaborators (Metz et al., 2020). In the program, participants will learn about the Implementation Stages and go deeper with their knowledge of the core competencies of growing and sustaining relationships, co-learning, understanding context, and formation of teams.
The Implementation Specialist Micro-credentialing Program includes synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities within the Practice and Shared Learning elements of each level. Within the Practice sections, you will have the opportunity to complete learning activities, interactive lessons, and reflection guides completed asynchronously and submitted within our platform. For the Shared Learning requirements, we offer a Community of Practice (CoP), an opportunity for you to connect with colleagues and network through Shared Learning and problem solving. Reflection guides are submitted on our platform for successful completion of the levels.
The target audience for the Micro-credentialing Program includes: 
  • K-12 Educational Leaders, those outside of the classroom coordinating system change efforts at the local, regional, and state levels
  • IHE (Institutes of Higher Education) faculty and students in educational programming 
  • OSEP-funded TA Center staff 
(In the future, if/as we have expanded capacity, our team can consider accepting otherwise qualified candidates who may also be a good fit for future cohorts.)

Additionally, to get a better understanding of the micro-credentialing process, content, and expectations, check out these resources: 
We are looking forward to sharing this learning experience with you!

If you've reviewed the above resources and still have questions for the SISEP Team, email: sisepmicrocred@unc.edu. 

We are temporarily pausing new applications for the Micro-credentialing Program. This pause will allow us to make important modifications and improvements to better serve your learning needs. We hope to open applications for the Program again for the Spring 2025 term. More information will be available on our site when our next application window opens.

Spring 2025 Program Dates:
(will be announced at a later date)

Our team will primarily communicate with you through this email address: sisepmicrocred@unc.edu. Communication will be sent through our Micro-credentialing Platform from no-reply@sisep.fpg.unc.edu. Please add these as contacts within your system and check your spam/junk folder to allow emails from us to reach you.

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