Blossoming Superbadge

The Blossoming Super Badge is awarded to individuals who are learning to apply their growing knowledge of Implementation Science practices. Successful micro-credentialing participants will deepen their understanding of implementation methods, strategies and tools for utilizing a stage based approach, developing efficient and effective teaming structures at multiple levels of a system and selecting and defining usable innovations. In addition to these practices, candidates for this badge will be honing critical skills or competences for supporting implementation in ways that foster shared learning and active engagement from critical perspectives. Mastery is demonstrated by successful completion of the Level 2 Apprentice, Level 3 Team Developer and Level 4 Co-Creator Badges. 

Level 2 - Apprentice

The Level 2 Apprentice badge is designed to support your learning and application of stage based activities, strategies and tools as well as foundational implementation support practitioner competencies.

    Level 3 - Team Developer

    The Level 3 Team Developer badge is designed to support your learning and application of implementation activities, strategies, and tools for forming and strengthening implementation teams. This level also addresses the ISP Core Competencies of building teams, cultivating leadership, building capacity, and brokering.