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Curious about the Micro-credentialing program? Check out the information in this section to learn more about the program and using the platform. 

    Level 0- Application

    Complete this one-time application for access to the micro-credentialing program. 

      Growing Roots Superbadge

      This badge demonstrates the applicant's understanding and application of foundational implementation knowledge and skills. 

      Level 1 - Scholar

      The Level 1 Scholar badge is for participants wishing to master foundational knowledge of implementation science frameworks and implementation specialist core competencies.  

        Blossoming Superbadge

        The Blossoming Super Badge is awarded to individuals upon completion of the Level 2 Apprentice, Level 3 Team Developer and Level 4 Co-Creator Badges. 

        Level 2 - Apprentice

        The Level 2 Apprentice badge is designed to support your learning and application of stage based activities, strategies and tools as well as foundational implementation support practitioner competencies.

          Level 3 - Team Developer

          Coming Soon!